HOW DO I ...

Public Records Request:

The City Clerk is the designated Custodian of Public Records for the City of Everglades, please direct all Public Records Requests to the City Clerk.

City of Everglades

C/O City Clerk

102 Copeland Ave. N 

Box 110

Everglades City, FL 34139-0110

Phone: 239-695-4558


Estoppel Request:

For estoppels, please contact City Hall.

Phone: 239-695-3781 ~ Fax 239-695-3020

Appy for a Business Tax License:

The Local Business Tax is a tax for operating a business within the city limits of Everglades City.

The Local Business Tax was previously known as an Occupational License; however, the State of Florida changed the name in 2007 to Local Business Tax.  

Anyone doing business within City limits, please contact City Hall.

Phone: 239-695-3781 ~ Fax: 239-695-3020

Political Campaign Signs:

For political sign rules, regulations and deposits, please contact the City Clerk.

Phone: 239-695-4558 


To Reserve the City Park for an Event:

For information on reserving or renting of the city park, please contact the City Clerk.

Phone: 239-695-4558


Sign up for Email or EZText Subscription:

You can sign up for notification of local City events, notices of meetings and agendas, and just general City happenings. 

For email subscriptions email:

Eztexting is more for alerts or emergencies, for example water outages or storm related information. This will come as a form of a text to a cell phone.

Send code word Everglades to the # (239) 522-4455 on your cell to receive text alerts.

You can also find City postings on Facebook: Everglades City Strong.